'Botany All the Year Round' by E. F. Andrews 1903 Passport/Notebook Wallet

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Books, Traveling & Writing - All Married Together In a Tasteful Polygamous Fashion. The same magical book mimicry, now enlarged to also contain your passport, a notebook, pen, cards, cash and more.


Our Passport(book)wallets celebrate the power and awe of travel. We fancied the idea of traveling with your valuables discreetly hidden within the precious confines of a 'book'. SO we created Travelbooks. We tested them. We loved the experience.

Your Passport(book)wallet comes with a kraft notebook and a pen. It measures 10 x 14.5 cm. 

Happy reading. Happy writing. Happy travels.

 Novel Travelbook, Passport-Holder, Notebook-Wallet. Includes Kraft Notebook & Ballpoint Pen.Bookwallet bookish booktok bookstagram booktoker books bookie bookaholic travel traveling passport wallet passport holder notebookwallet