Notebook for Travelbooks, (or maybe you just want a small notebook and that's great)

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This is a miniature notebook. It is faintly lined, because there is nothing worse than overbearing bold lines. It has a stitched thread spine. It has twenty-something pages that are encased in a thick kraft paper cover.

Get an extra notebook for your Travelbook, or just get an adorable little notebook. 

It fits snugly into your Travelbook. It is roughly the size of your passport. It was specially sized to fit our Travelbooks. We cannot guaruntee that other notebooks will fit our Travelbooks. 

In our travels, we used this notebook to make a travel log, to write down recommendations from locals, to record/exchange contact info and more. It was a pleasure to have a notebook and pen in my wallet! There were several times where we had poor internet, or wanted to disconnect from our phones, and this notebook came in handy as an alternative tool.